How to create the D/T stamp format preset

You must create date time format preset by using Sony Vegas Pro. Select the first track and insert -> Text Media... By default you will get Sample Text. Write the format e.g. dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm. Save the preset as DateTimeFormat.

format preset

You can edit properties of the format and save it with different name. Then you can "activate" some preset by just saving it as DateTimeFormat. It's the only one used by svdts.

So then you will get the text media on your first video track. There will be the format only, not actual dates. We don't need this, just delete it. Don't worry, the data is still in your registry. Then select the videoclip, run svdtsclip.dll. It will use the registry for creating sony text media with your date time string, with the actual time stamp. Notice that you will get quite a lot stamps into your project media window, so you need to delete those from time to time if you need.

Presets cannot be accessed, how does it work?

Yes, there is no API to change preset properties. SVDTS uses temporary presets so that format is read from your preset, it is converted to actual date/time stamp, saved as temporary preset which is then used by Sony Vegas Pro. (C) Paavo Jurvelin.

Stamp length is 10 seconds all the time, why?

Could be some default value. You can give the length in milliseconds via track name field (the very first track).

stamp length

How to install the scripts

Copy the dlls to C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 9.0\Script Menu folder or where ever that is in your system. Run it from Tools -> Scripting -> svdts*.dll. You might want to map keyboard to use shortcuts. Select Options -> Customize Keyboard... for example:

map keyboard

The ZIP has several files, what to do with them?

You need to copy only dlls according your installed vegas version. They are not dependant so you can copy just the dlls you like.

I keep getting bogus errors, script won't work.

First versions didn't have any error messages, because I wrote this to myself. I don't need those. But now I've tried to insert a few more sensible error message and guidance what to do. If they don't help, please send me a bug report and I'll fix it.

What time field is used?

First svdts will try to use recorded time stamp. You can check it from clip's properties. You should find it from general tab under capture label. If the recorded capture info is not found, svdts tries to read date/time from clips modified time field from the file. I've not tested it too much, so I leave that for you to do.

clips properties

Nothing happens when I'm trying to stamp a clip. What to do?

Previous versions of svdts just ignored the clip if there is no recorded capture field. So that could seem to you like nothing happens. Update the binaries and try again. If the problem persists, please send me an email.

What formats svdts support?

SVDTS is not format dependent in any way. Even pictures can be stamped with ongoing clock if you like :) So you'll need just video track with clips and above that empty video track for the stamps.

Can I edit the clips freely after I've inserted the time stamps?

Yes you can. Stamps are grouped to the clips they're generated for. You can delete the stamp by first ungrouping the stamp and then just delete it. So you just hit U and then delete on top of the stamp. If you need to split a clip, bare in mind that offset of time is calculated from the begining of each clip. SVDTS doesn't care is the clip splitted or not, well version 1.42 atleast. So you might get clips with same time stamp which can be easily seen if you use svdtscliprt.dll. It simulates ongoing clock, which can be seen only if you have entered seconds to you time format string. So in theory you could get too clips with bogus times if seconds are used. So I would keep my eyes open while editing, just to see that time stamps are sane.

20.12.2009 Paavo